Herbal Tea is Centuries Old

People often asked if herbal teas really work. I can understand their skepticism. Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years and in fact, are basically plant food.

Europeans have generally grown up drinking herbal teas and recognise a wide variety of herbs such as Chamomile to drink at night to relax and help to sleep or to address colic in babies. Mothers would give teas made from Echinacea and olive leaf for colds and flu, Senna to help with constipation, Thyme and Sage for a sore throat, White Willow Bark for pain relief – the list goes on.

Herbs are the genesis for modern medicines and a good example of how herbs are used in the manufacture of modern drugs is the above-mentioned White Willow Bark. This is a herb used in the ACHES & PAINS and HEADACHE teas for pain relief.

Pharmaceutical companies extract a component from White Willow Bark to make pain relieving drug, aspirin. We use the original source when we create our herbal blends.

Interestingly, pharmaceutical companies are the biggest users worldwide of herbs!

Incorporating herbal teas into a healthy diet and lifestyle can make a huge difference to health and wellbeing. So the question about whether herbs work if a bit like asking if eating good food will keep me healthy.

Our Herbs are Organic

Being ‘organic’ means the herbs are not sprayed with pesticides, no chemical fertilizers are used, and they are not process with industrial solvents. That in itself is a good thing because honestly, if you can’t breathe the chemicals they spray on plants, why would you eat or drink them?


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