Hey! I’m Alpha

Born and raised in the small country of Bangladesh, it’s always been the dream to live in a foreign country and, in 2013, this dream was made a reality when I arrived in Australia to pursue higher studies, with my two children in tow.

Once I finished my studies and settled, I found a new dream; to open and operate a business that would make real changes in people’s lives.

As someone from Bangladesh, tea has been a huge part of my life, specifically herbal teas. Much of Bangladesh is a poor country and, especially when I was younger, it was far too expensive to go to the doctors. The alternative that had been tried and true in my family was actually herbs to cure almost all injuries. My grandma used to give us a cup of tea with ginger and mint leaves when we had sore throats or fever. I still remember how safe and secure I felt, simply by the smell of freshly brewed tea.

I choose HTA’s healthy tea products for you as they are organic and healthy, without any preservatives, additives or caffeine which all means that your health is priority number one!

I have always tried my best to prevent damage to the environment or any human being. So I was looking for something that would not be harmful to the environment and would contribute to the community in terms of health and economy. Which is where Herbal Teas Australia appeared as my saving grace. After looking into the company, I decided that I wanted to sell HTA’s products which are 100% organic, 100% healthy and 100% vegan.

Apart from selling organic and healthy drink products, I plan on starting a ‘tea bar’ to promote healthy drinks for all ages.



Detoxing with Herbal Teas

It’s the biggest buzz word at this time of year and these days, for many people, detoxing equals weight loss. What does it mean to detox? Why is it necessary? What is a detox regime? How do herbal teas help? Detoxing simply means eliminating your body of toxins. Our Herbal Teas can help with your detox regime.

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